Sony Music registers trademarks relating to NFT and the metaverse

Sony Music registers trademarks relating to NFT and the metaverse

Money is an example of a fungible asset, that has an easily interchangeable unit. Changing two Rs. 10 notes for a Rs. 20 without losing any value, for instance.

A song file, a piece of furniture, an artwork, or a home could all be considered non-fungible in terms of economics. These things have special qualities that make them incomparable to other things.

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A artwork can be replicated or photographed, but the original is always the best because a replica won't hold the same value as the original.

NFTs therefore indicate ownership of distinctive goods like art, collectibles, and even real estate.

They are protected by the Ethereum blockchain and can only have one legitimate owner at a time; no one can edit the ownership record or copy and paste a new NFT into existence.

According to USPTO-licensed trademark lawyer Mike Kondoudis, Sony Music Entertainment, a significant record label, has submitted trademark applications for the Metaverse and non-fungible tokens.

The titan of the music business intends to put out downloadable audio and video records with live music performances. Non-fungible tokens are used to authenticate these recordings.

The application states that Sony Music also intends to release music tracks as NFTs. Another filing consists of marketing and entertainment services for musicians and their records.

Non-fungible tokens are comparable to conventional cryptocurrencies in that they store content other than money, such as artwork, audio, video, and tickets.

They are already changing a lot of industries, including the music industry. NFTs can be exchanged for music tracks that are represented on the blockchain as distinct tokens.


There are already many musicians active in the NFT scene. The first band to release an album in the form of an NFT was Kings of Leon in March.

Muse made history earlier this month when its album "Will of the People" got it to the top of the UK music chart as a limited edition NFT.

The record was offered in conventional forms as well, which is worth noticing. The Weeknd collaborated with the Binance exchange while incorporating NFTs and Web3 components into her global tour.

An NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection was bought in March, according to U.Today, another big company that represents Taylor Swift and other A-listers.

Why, therefore, are NFTs so popular?

Non-fungible tokens are one-of-a-kind digital goods, or collectibles, made with blockchain technology.

A time-stamped permanent, publicly accessible record of decentralized data is created by the blockchain, which is also used by cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

NFTs, commonly referred to as nifties, symbolize actual things like artwork, music, videogame goods, and more.

They are mostly purchased and sold online using cryptocurrencies, and they typically use the same underlying software to encode their data as many other cryptos. 

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The blockchain keeps track of transactions, and NFTs are typically purchased using the cryptocurrency Ether or with cash.

Although anybody may examine the NFTs, the buyer has the distinction of being the legal owner—a sort of virtual bragging rights—and can then display them as they like.